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Ashley Petry
JD Hook took care of us so wonderfully. He is pleasant, professional, quick, and above proficient. Would highly recommend anyone to come here .
Leslie Easton
Tom D. Was the best he was so patient during the process and he answered all of our questions he is truly a great asset to Queen City. He was very helpful and worked us out a great deal for our new vehicle. We will be continue to give Queen City our business
Amber James-Hamilton
My husband and I bought vehicles today. We had a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend this business to others!! We couldn't have asked for better customer service and good quality vehicles!!
William AuMiller
I recently purchased a vehicle from JD Hook at Queen City Motors (QCM). The entire sales experience was very positive. He was most helpful throughout the process and I had an opportunity to interact with other staff members regarding questions that I had about the vehicle. In short, QCM is an outstanding business with a focus on customer service. I highly recommend them to anyone interested in purchasing a vehicle.
David Walker
Just walked in off the street. Bought a car 2 years ago and the repor they had. STILL ABSOLUTELY HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
mark penner
Great sales and service